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You’ve found a buyer for your home or investment property and you’re probably keen to finalise things simply and easily. Our team of solicitors and conveyancers are experts in property sales and understand this legal specialty in depth. We also know that property settlement can involve a number of logistics, particularly if you’re settling two properties—both a sale and a purchase—on the same day. Our proven process helps minimise the risk of settlement delays, so your removals can proceed to plan.

Our standard conveyancing fee is:

$426.45 inc. GST

if you’re selling a house or land.

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*Subject to our terms and conditions 

You’ll Only Pay for the Service You Need

Our standard conveyancing fee for a house or land sale covers:

  • Review of contract, provided it’s drawn up on a standard REIQ (Real Estate Institute Queensland) or ADL form
  • Standard search of the Title
  • Execution of settlement.
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You can find out more about our standard service

in our terms and conditions or by contacting our expert team.

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Ask our friendly team for a quote.

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We’ll provide a quote within the next business day.

Step 3

Simply fill in our Authority to Act form to engage our services.

Step 4

We’ll guide your path to settlement.

Your Steps to Settlement


You find a buyer for your property and agree on a sale price, as well as any other terms. Your real estate agent will prepare the contract.


You complete our Authority to Act form to engage our conveyancing experts.


If you’d like us to check your contract, simply ask your real estate agent to send it to us.


If you’re happy with the terms of the contract, your real estate agent will arrange for both yourself and the buyer to sign.


We’ll review the signed contract and send you a letter outlining what you’ll need to do prior to settlement.


If your property is mortgaged, contact your lender to arrange for the mortgage to be released from the title of the property.


At the same time, we’ll be working hard to prepare for settlement. We’ll send you transfer documents that need to be signed and returned to us prior to settlement.


We’ll complete settlement on your behalf and notify the real estate agent. If applicable, we’ll ask the real estate agent to release the balance of the deposit to you.

Get in touch with our friendly team for a quote.

If you’re ready to engage us for conveyancing, you can get things underway quickly by completing our Authority to Act form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not selling with a real estate agent. Can you draft the sale contract?

While drafting the contract isn’t included in our standard fee, we’re able to prepare your contract for an additional fee. All of our rates are very affordable.

My property is mortgaged. Do I need to contact my bank and tell them I’m selling?

Yes, we advise our clients to discuss their plans with their bank as soon as possible. If you give your bank insufficient notice there could be delays in settlement.

Will I need to come to your office to sign any documents?

Many of our clients find that visiting our office is the simplest and most convenient way to sign documents. If you’d prefer to email us the signed documents, you’ll need to make sure that a Justice of the Peace witnesses your signature.

Does your standard fee include advice on transfer duty?

Yes, we’ll provide you with an estimate based on whether the property is your first home, subsequent home or investment. We can also provide you with the necessary forms to claim any concessions.

Can you conduct additional searches for me?

We’re happy to recommend optional searches that might be relevant. These can be conducted for an additional fee.