Conveyance for Property Purchases Across Queensland

If you’ve found the perfect home or investment, you’re probably looking to finalise the purchase as smoothly as possible. Our friendly conveyancing team includes five solicitors who are experts in property law. We provide professional conveyancing services at an affordable price, so that you can confidently move toward settlement.

Our standard conveyancing fee is:

$795.70 inc. GST

if you’re buying a house or land.

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*Subject to our terms and conditions 

You’ll Only Pay for the Service You Need

Our standard conveyancing fee for a house or land purchase covers:

  • Review of contract, provided it’s drawn up on a standard REIQ (Real Estate Institute Queensland) or ADL form
  • Standard searches including two title searches, plan search, land tax and rates for Brisbane City Council
  • Routine liaison with the seller’s conveyancer and your lender
  • Execution of settlement.
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You can find out more about our standard service

in our terms and conditions or by contacting our expert team.

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Step 1

Ask our friendly team for a quote.

Step 2

We’ll provide a quote within the next business day.

Step 3

Simply fill in our Authority to Act form to engage our services.

Step 4

We’ll guide your path to settlement.

Your Steps to Settlement


You find your perfect property and negotiate the terms of the purchase. Your real estate agent will prepare the contract.


You complete our Authority to Act form to engage our friendly conveyancing experts.


If you’d like us to check your contract, simply ask the real estate agent to send it to us.


Once you’re happy with the contract, the real estate agent will get your signature. At this stage, you’ll often pay a deposit.


We’ll review the contract after it’s been signed by both yourself and the seller. We’ll then send you a letter to outline what you need to do before settlement. We’ll also provide the transfer duty forms that you need to complete and let you know if there are optional searches you may find helpful.


You organise your building and pest inspections, as well as any due diligence investigations needed. You also organise finance with your lender. Your lender will need you to sign documents prior to settlement, so be sure to keep in touch with them.


At the same time, we’ll be hard at work preparing for settlement. We’ll conduct the standard searches and liaise with your lender.


We’ll complete settlement on your behalf. We’ll then contact the real estate agent to confirm that settlement has occurred.


You can collect your keys from the real estate agent and celebrate your new home or investment.

Get in touch with our friendly team for a quote.

If you’re ready to engage us for conveyancing, you can get things underway quickly by completing our Authority to Act form.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your fees so competitive?

As dedicated conveyancing experts, we’ve developed a precise and efficient approach to property conveyancing. We know that most property sales and purchases progress to plan, so there’s no need to pad our fee to cater for unlikely complications. Our clients benefit from our efficient process, perfected by years of experience. Quite simply, we don’t charge for services you don’t need.

If you’re quoted a cheaper price for the same service, just show us the quote in writing and we’ll happily match the price.

What happens if I need extra conveyancing support?

If your purchase becomes unexpectedly complex, or problems arise, we’re perfectly positioned to resolve issues quickly. We’re a full-service legal firm with a team of solicitors available to address any complications.

We pride ourselves on our affordable rates, which extend to any additional services needed. Our terms and conditions detail some possible scenarios and the costs that would be involved. If you ever feel unsure, your conveyancer is happy to answer any questions.

Is it true that the cost of conveyancing depends on the local council area I’m buying in?

Yes, some councils offer a free rates search, while others charge a fee for this search. If you are buying within a local government area that charges a fee for a rate search, this cost will be added to our conveyancing fee without any mark-up. You’ll find information about this included in our terms and conditions.