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We at Brisbane Conveyancing are an experienced firm of property solicitors with years of experience in residential property transactions. We act for a range of clients extending from multi-unit and townhouse developers selling hundreds of units and townhouses in a single development, to individuals, people like you and us, BUYING or SELLING their very first home.

We are members of the Queensland Law Society and hold the required professional indemnity insurance for solicitors in Queensland.

We take pride in our legal services and operate on an efficient and responsive approach to our clients.

Whether you’re BUYING or SELLING your home, land or investment property, we at Brisbane Conveyancing have the expertise to assist you in the conveyance – and at the right price! So let us be a part of your team.

Conveyancing is a standard step-by-step process, which when followed,
results in an efficient and fluid transaction  = SETTLEMENT.

  • How are we able to act for you in a conveyance at such a small fee?

Other conveyancers and solicitors charge higher fees than Brisbane Conveyancing, because they are effectively making allowances within their fees and charges for things that can go wrong during the conveyance. But things don’t have to go “wrong”.

We at Brisbane Conveyancing have the experience, skills and systems. We plan and map your conveyance out clearly and precisely for you to follow through. And we will take care of all the “technical” procedures. By doing this, we are able to pass on the cost savings of our systems to you, our clients. Even our website is easy and quick to use! And this is how we are able to offer you these low cost conveyancing prices.

When a conveyance is planned, mapped out and
executed to plan, it proceeds efficiently and fluidly.

  • Why then should you be paying the higher fees to other solicitors and conveyancers on the off-chance that something may go wrong?

We live in the year 2013, not 1992!!! As consumers and clients, you all have access to information and are no longer in the “dark” when it comes to what “conveyancing” actually entails. So other conveyancers and solicitors should STOP trying to pull the wool over your eyes!

We have adopted a “user-pays” system (airlines and banks have done this for years, and now even electricity providers, so why not conveyancers and solicitors?). If you don’t use the services that these other conveyancers and solicitors allow for in their high conveyancing fees, why then should YOU be paying for it? Why should you be paying for some other client’s use of certain services (which are built into the fees that you are charged) if YOU don’t use that service? It’s like paying for a full fare airline ticket to fly to Sydney and getting served a meal which you don’t need or want, just because you have paid for it in your fare!